“For the first time the “F” word was used at COP26—fossil fuel.”
Dr. Christopher Boone, Dean of the College of Global Futures at Arizona State University

The results of the COP26 summit were mixed to many who were following the negotiations. Topic experts and activists showed up in force, calling attention to the inadequacy of the commitments made in the Glasgow Climate Pact. Meanwhile, the private sector made big promises to facilitate the energy transition and slash emissions. But what was the overarching narrative?

Listen in as Ten Across founder Duke Reiter talks to Dr. Esther Obonyo and Dr. Christopher Boone who attended the conference to help us detangle this question and learn more about their first-hand experience and hear their big takeaways.

Guest Speakers

Esther Obonyo headshot

Dr. Esther Obonyo is an Associate Professor of Engineering Design and Architectural Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University. She was previously an Associate Professor at the University of Florida’s Rinker School of Construction Management as well as a faculty entrepreneurship Fellow at UF’s Warrington College of Business. She has worked as a Construction Engineer, Project Manager and Innovations Analyst in several Engineering and Construction Companies in Kenya, the UK and the US.

Dr. Christopher Boone headshot

Dr. Christopher Boone is dean of the College of Global Futures at Arizona State University. His research contributes to ongoing debates in sustainable urbanization, environmental justice, vulnerability, and global environmental change. He is a scientist for the urban Long Term Ecological Research projects based in Baltimore and Phoenix and sits on the scientific steering committee for the Urbanization and Global Environmental Change project.