Ten Across Summit: The Future is Here
Dates: January 10-12, 2023
Houston, Texas


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Some of the most forward thinking voices gathered to discuss pressing issues impacting the Ten Across region and our collective futures. Click below to listen in as they share their insights.

The Future is Here

The southernmost portion of the U.S.—from Los Angeles, to Houston, to Jacksonville—offers a compelling window into what lies ahead for the nation. On the front lines of social, economic, and climate change, the Ten Across region contains the three most populous states, the most rapidly growing metro areas, the energy capital of the world, many of the largest North American ports, extremes in weather and water-related challenges, combined with great diversity and demographic change. In short, it is a living laboratory for the future of the country, one ideally situated to examine a comprehensive response to climate change and the related issues of water, energy, infrastructure, equity, democracy, and especially risk.

Houston—a unique lens into the future of America.

Houston, the fourth largest city in the nation, is frequently cited as the most diverse and fastest growing in the country. Considered the “energy capital of the world,” its role in the global economy is becoming more pronounced as the growing need for energy—renewable and otherwise—continues to grow due to the impacts of rapid climate change and global conflict. In addition to its international and national profile, the city’s civic leadership is addressing issues right on its doorstep—homelessness and resiliency, for example—from which others can learn.  Like the Ten Across transect as a whole, Houston provides a unique lens into the future of America.  

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