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I think as humans we always kind of hold on to this nostalgia of the way things used to be and the one thing that’s constant is change. And how do we tell these stories that actually could build to a body of work, a body of journalism that shows what that future looks like? I think that’s an area in our field that we could do a lot on. 

Sadie Babits, Supervising Climate Editor for NPR

In this special podcast distribution of our recent Ten Across Summit journalism panel, you’ll hear from six talented and prominent media professionals on how their work is changing alongside the climate. As the impacts of human-caused warming intensify and bleed into nearly every aspect of our lives, it has become an unavoidable story. With that in mind, this discussion explores best practices for writers, editors, and other leaders in the media to bridge this conversation with audiences without creating a sense of fatigue or hopelessness toward the future.

Join Ten Across founder Duke Reiter as he leads this fascinating forum among journalists from The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times, news editors from National Public Radio, American Public Media Group, and LAist, and the writer and executive producer of the Apple TV series Extrapolations.

Guest Speakers

Duchesne Drew is the Senior Vice President of American Public Media Group and President of Minnesota Public Radio.

Megan Garvey is the Executive Editor for the Los Angeles NPR-affiliate LAist. Prior to that, she was deputy managing editor for The Los Angeles Times.


Rosanna Xia is an environmental reporter for The Los Angeles Times and author of California Against the Sea: Visions For Our Vanishing Coastline.

Brianna Sacks is a disaster reporter for The Washington Post.

Sadie Babits is the Supervising Climate Editor for NPR. Prior to that, Sadie was a professor at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Dorothy Fortenberry is a playwright, screenwriter, and essayist. Dorothy is also the writer and executive producer of the popular Apple TV series, Extrapolations.