“As long as we are abstract to each other across this chasm of ideology, solving problems is really hard to do.” —David Orr

As the world faces the compounding impacts of rapid climate change, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has made the path to reducing carbon emissions even more fraught with calls to increase production of fossil fuels. Navigating both these crises require extraordinary problem solving at scale. Are the world’s democracies equipped to address such problems quickly enough?

Listen in as Ten Across founder Duke Reiter talks with David Orr, professor of environmental studies and politics at Oberlin College in a thought-provoking discussion about democracy, climate solutions, war, education, and optimism.

Guest Speaker

David Orr headshot

David Orr is Paul Sears Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics Emeritus and senior advisor to the president of Oberlin College. He is a founding editor of the journal Solutions, and founder of the Oberlin Project, a collaborative effort of the city of Oberlin, Oberlin College, and private and institutional partners to improve the resilience, prosperity, and sustainability of Oberlin. He is the author of eight books and has authored over 200 articles, reviews, book chapters, and professional publications.